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Hailing from the urban wilds of Melbourne, Australia, Child combine the heavy emotion of the blues with the tone and raw power of hard rock to create a visceral musical experience that reaches right into the chest of listeners. 

Since the release of their runaway self-titled debut in 2014, Child have continued to develop their unique brand of heavy blues through constant writing and extensive touring. The band released the follow-up ‘Blueside’ in December 2016, which builds on this foundation to deliver a slab of pure sonic expression following in the long tradition of the blues. 

The freedom and sheer power of live performance is an important part of Child’s approach to music, and they look forward to again bringing this to the world while continuing their search for the ultimate union of feeling, tone and raw expression.

Mathias Northway -  Guitar & Vocals

Mathias Northway - Guitar & Vocals

Michael Lowe -  Drums & Percussion

Michael Lowe - Drums & Percussion

Danny Smith -  Bass Guitar

Danny Smith - Bass Guitar





“I have referred to Child as “an inspiration” and “one of the best blues bands ever”. This latest EP solidifies those lofty accolades and firmly places Child among the pantheon [of] the greatest power trios of the modern era”.
Pat Harrington Electric Beard of Doom

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“For a band who draw so much on the blues, it would be easy to get sidetracked into genre tropes and to lose individual identity for the sake of executing a cookie-cutter sonic idea. Child avoid this with a fluidity that is their own and so come out of their second offering with even more momentum than they went into it. An important step, and one they inarguably take in a commanding forward direction.”
JJ Koczan The Obelisk

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“Don't know how many times I've said it before but surprises like Child's self-titled debut is something I want more of. It brings life to music and shakes my world around, making it fresh again. And it's so rewarding to hear bands that can actually make new music out of old styles in an era when most bands and artists goes for the safe route, i.e. fodder stuff or muzak.”
Håkan Nyman The Sludgelord

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